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Reckitt Benckiser plc

Reckitt Benckiser plc History In 1814 Jeremiah Colman begins milling flour and mustard in Norwich, UK. Jeremiah then diversifies in the mid-century into starch, wheat flour and laundry blue. Johann A. Benckiser founded Benckiser in 1823 from industrial chemicals. Isaac Reckitt rented and then later bought a starch mill in hull in 1848. He diversified into other household products and became the owner of starch, washing blue and black lead for polishing. After his death his four sons took his place. Then in 1888 Reckitt Sons was first launched on the London Stock Exchange. Reckitt Sons merged with J J Colman to become Reckitt Colman Ltd in 1938 and then finally in 1999 Reckitt Colman plc and Benckiser N.V. merged to become Reckitt Benckiser plc The worlds no. 1 in house hold cleaning. Introduction Reckitt Benckiser plc is a United Kingdom based company which was formed with the merger of Reckitt Colman, plc. and Benckiser N.V. Reckitt Benckiser Inc. manufactures markets and sells household, cleaning and specialty food products in North America. These products include LYSOL ® cleaners and disinfectants, RESOLVE ® cleaners, SPRAYNWASH ® laundry stain removers and FRENCHS ® mustard. Reckitt Benckiser plc is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of cleaning products and a member of the FTSE 100 index of the largest companies traded on the London Stock Exchange. It is headquartered in the town of Slough just to the west of Greater London. Reckitt Benckiser has operations in more than sixty countries and sells its products in more than 180 countries. Turnover for the year to 31 December 2004 was  £ 3,871 million. Profits before tax were  £770 million, and net profits were  £586 million. The company focuses on high margin products and has shown strong growth in earnings per share in recent years. At 31 August 2005, it had a market capitalisation of  £12.4 billion. Vision and Future Strategy According to Reckitt Benckiser, â€Å"We are a truly global company with a consumer- oriented vision, with operations in 60 countries, sales in 180 countries and et revenues in excess of  £4 billion† The vision is to passionately deliver better solutions in household cleaning and health, personal care of the ultimate purpose of creating shareholders value. Reckitt Benckiser has an exciting future where the people and the companys brands can continue to deliver profitable growth to the benefit of employees and shareholders. The main strategy is to focus on household cleaning, to maintain a clear strategy for profitable top line growth, plan and define the program for improved financial returns and to develop a strong focused team. The organisations vision is also to keep delivering better products to consumers that improve their lives at crucial moments and specially to drive sales growth through focus and constant innovation while optimising costs to expand margins and profi ts. Way of working in Reckitt Benckiser is open and direct. Nothing is sacred. Thats the way they have built market leading brands across the world. They challenge each other in an open and direct way, sharing ideas, solutions and best practice. They hire people who recognize the need to beat the competition every time but who understand that the competition doesnt include their colleagues. They look for diverse characters that spark off each other, are creative and generate fresh thinking. Environmental Analysis Reckitt Benckiser is dedicated to running its business in a responsible, environmentally sound and sustainable manner. It is recognized that Reckitts processes and products have both direct and indirect environmental impacts. v Political and Legal Business decisions are also influenced by political and legal forces, which determine the rules by which business is conducted. Political forces play a major role in international markets, where decisions by government can often have profound implications for companies. [David Jobber 2nd Edition] Political action, then, in the form of legislation and less formal directives, can have a profound influence on business conduct. Reckitt and Benckiser perhaps more than any organisation reacts to the political and legal situations. Spread in 60 countries Reckitt and Benckiser has to take care of different policies and government laws in each of the different country. [Policy Reports 2006] The household and health personal care industry is heavily regulated by, inter alia, the European Union, the United States government and individual country governments elsewhere. Ingredients, manufacturing standards, labour standards, product safety, marketing and advertising claims are all subject to d etailed and developing regulation. Reckitt and Benckiser publish its annual financial statements in sterling but conducts business in many foreign currencies. As a result, it is subject to foreign currency exchange risk due to the effects that exchange rate movements have on the translation of the results and the underlying net assets of its foreign subsidiaries. v Ecological Reckitt and Benckiser has a real commitment of running their business in a responsible, environmentally sound and sustainable manner. The strategy is to realise the opportunities and manage the risks that arise from the environmental impacts of the business in order to achieve continuous improvement in our environmental performance and progress towards environmental sustainability. Its is a new project of the business to plant more than two million trees in over 15 square kilometres of new forests and to make more than 8 billion products which will be produces globally from ‘carbon neutral. [Simeon Goldstien 2007] v Technological Reckitt and Benckiser is increasingly building a business that they can be proud of. The products and the business are a force for good in the world. This includes powerful and developing track record on sustainability through initiatives such as the Trees for Change programme on carbon reduction, or the ‘reduce energy and water programme on automatic dishwashing. The business is planning to get more of the recent available technologies in order to improve production methods of the company that will later result into higher sale and our brand will be able to compete other brands available in the market. In 2006 our factory commissioned the Companys first solar panel which is working alongside the highly efficient Combined Heat and Power energy plant. Another plant was setup in South Korea at Reckitt and Benckiser factory iksan. Renewable energy is helping the organization to meet and exceed their target of a 20 % reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from out manufacturing energy use by 2010. [Accounts : 2006] v Social Reckitt Benckiser recognises its accountability to the community in which it operates and seeks to actively support and enrich these communities. Our community involvement policy sets out the broad principles through which we support community work throughout our operations. Our annual newsletter on our community involvement demonstrates how we are turning these principles into action and making There should be a positive contribution to the societies in which we live and work. Reckitt Benckiser continues to invest over  £1 million per year towards projects that really make a difference to people in the communities in which we operate around the world. As well as the company providing much needed financial support, our people also give unselfishly of their time on a range of projects that assist those who can benefit from some help and support. v Economical The un-audited financial information is prepared in accordance with the Listing Rules of the Financial Services Authority and on the basis of the IFRS accounting policies that the Directors intend to use in the 2006 annual report. This basis is subject to amendment by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). The Directors have chosen not to early adopt International Accounting Standard 34: Interim Financial Reporting (IAS 34). Consequently the financial information in this interim report is not presented in accordance with IAS 34. This consolidated financial information has been prepared under the historical cost convention, as modified by the revaluation of financial assets and liabilities at fair value through the Group income statement subject to the Groups hedge accounting policies. The results and net assets of the Groups subsidiary in Zimbabwe have been excluded from the consolidated Group results. This is on the basis that the Group does not consider the Zimbabwean business to be a subsidiary due to the loss of power to govern the financial and operating policies of the Zimbabwean business and to the restrictions on remitting funds out of the country. Results for 2005 (half and full year) and 2006 half year, and the balance sheets as at 30 June 2005, 31 December 2005 and 30 June 2006, were insignificant. Risks The Companys new product pipeline may not generate consumer- relevant innovation and improvement to fuel growth and build market shares. There are possibilities that management turnover might significantly increase. Another possibility that information technology systems may be disrupted or may fail, despite the companys disaster recovery processes, interfering with the Companys ability to conduct its business. Customers, mainly large retailers, may decide to de-list the Companys brands, or not participate in the active promotion of the brands through in-store programmes. Product Quality Safety is very essential and failures in product quality controls could potentially lead to damage to the reputation of and trust in the Companys brands. Most product and raw material supply chains present a number of potential reputation risks relating to labour standards, raw material sourcing, and the social, ethical and environmental performance of the third party manufacturers and suppliers. There should be effective recruitment process in order to attract the best from the market. They should introduce compensation program to retain the valued employees by market competitive salary, incentives, bonuses and protective programs. Training programs are very essential in all type of business; they should carry out training to the employees for continuous development of employee skills. Recommendations The following recommendations have been recommended after a thorough analysis of the Environment: Decision making at Reckitt Benckiser should be decentralized. On company platform each department is involved in decisions related to products. For example in case of new product launch, cost department determines the cost of new product, marketing department decides if it can sell the product at the given price. Suppliers are involved if they can provide the raw materials for the new product and distributors are involved to effectively distribute the product. Thus each department is involved but participation of the finance department is fundamental because if the cost calculated for the new product is too high accounting department would give the critical decision of not launching the product no matter how innovative the initial idea was. Conclusion Based on the strength of the business they expect net revenue growth for the full year of around 15% at constant exchange (base  £4,179m) and are upgrading their targeted adjusted net income growth (base  £653m) to 14%, at actual exchange. Net revenues grew 18% (15% constant) to  £2,386m. The underlying business (excluding BHI) grew 8% (6% constant). †¢ BHI contributed net revenues of  £204m. Restructuring costs for the BHI acquisition were  £57m. †¢ Operating profit as reported increased 6% to  £367m. Operating profit before restructuring charges increased 23% to  £424m. †¢ Net income as reported was 3% lower at  £261m. Earnings per share for the period were 1% lower at 35.5 pence. Net income before restructuring increased 13% to  £303m. EPS diluted, before restructuring grew 15% to 41.2p. †¢ Cash generated from operations increased 30% to  £616m. Net borrowings at the half year were  £795m. †¢ The interim dividend will be increased 14% to 20.5 pence per share and the Company is committed to its  £300m share buyback program this year. [Annual Report 2006] List of References Accounts 2006 Policy Reports 2006 David Jobber, Principles of Marketing, Second Edition. Business and Human rights Simeon Goldstien 2007 [Word Count: 1,911]

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The War on drugs Essay

The War on drugs has been ongoing in America for over 30 years, but it hasn’t been working out the way people thought it would be. I’m against the the â€Å"War† on drugs. The â€Å"War† on drugs is ineffective and needs to changed. The â€Å"War† on drugs needs to be changed because it costs the government way too much money. According to Havard’s Jeffrey A. Miron an economist, and doctoral candidate Katherine Waldock, in the U.S alone legalizing drugs would save roughly 41.3 billion per year in government expenditure on enforcement of prohibition (Bandow, 2011). This means that the government could save a lot of money if they would just stop the â€Å"War† on drugs. Alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than some illegal drugs. According to Professor David Nutt of Britain’s Bristol University and colleagues, heroin, crack and crystal meth are deadliest to individual user, but when their wider social effects are taken into account, alcohol is the most damaging, followed by heroin and crack (Hunter, 2010). This means that more people are using alcohol than heroin or crack because of that alcohol has cause more damage to people; the governments just being hypocrites about the â€Å"W ar†, they’re fighting something that are less dangerous than the things that already are legal. The current drug laws promote additional crime. According to The Cato Institute’s David Boaz and Timothy Lynch, addicts commit crimes to pay for a habit that would be easily affordable if it were legal (Bandow, 2011). This mean that people are committing crimes to get the money so they can pay for the drugs at a high price in the black market. Overall the â€Å"War† on drugs hasn’t been helping people in the U.S at all. See more:  Capital budgeting essay Drug use may not be wise, and it could even cause death. However, the â€Å"War† on drugs has cause the U.S turn into a prison state, putting more Americans in prison each and everyday. According to Lisa Trei at Stanford University in 1980, about 2 million people in the United States were under some kind of criminal justice supervision. By 2000, the figure had jumped to about 6 million, the jump is largely attributed to the government’s ongoing war on drugs. The â€Å"War† is not stopping people from using drugs, just a program to watse money. If I was able to in charge of a country I would try to make drug use legal.  By having drugs legal the crime rate will drop because people can buy them legally for cheap money. I would also set an age limit on people that could use drug. This way kids will know when they grow up they will have a chance to try it, that will decrease youth drug use. Lastly, I would set a limit on how much people could buy. By setting this restriction drug use wont able to harm people as much as before. These laws could help out to country.

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The Unusual Details About Philosophy Essay Topics Ethics That Some People are not Aware Of

The Unusual Details About Philosophy Essay Topics Ethics That Some People are not Aware Of Discipline is also significant in a business and moral philosophy offers guide lines on how employees ought to be disciplined. As any other essay, philosophy work has its features and peculiarities that should be taken into consideration when you want to receive the top-notch excellent work. Moral philosophies are extremely significant in any business choice. Therefore they are essential for every leadership in a business in order to make wise business decisions. It is preferable to include fewer ideas than a lot of those. There are lots of things to consider and most importantly, is the trustworthiness of the service you decide to use. If you're looking for the best quality persuasive speech topics for writing your college speech then take a look at the next list. These remarks, even though they won't guarantee an excellent paper, should help you decide where best to direct your efforts. What is Really Happening with Philosophy Essay Topics Ethics You'll be evaluating your thesis with all feasible explanations. The range of paragraphs depends on the duration of the essay. You'll be outlining the fundamental structure of your essay with the suggestions and notes. Our primary purpose is to be certain that we address all of your essay writing needs. The philosophy of life essay examples which you will find should help you choose the ideal choice for yourself. Normally, personal viewpoint is offered in conclusion and supports the major idea of the essay. If you are searching for reliable Philosophy essay writing help online, you want to put an order with us. Avoid long quotations, unless it is totally essential. In the procedure for philosophy essays writing, a writer ought to pay attention to numerous issues. It is essential for the writer to figure out a very good branch of study within philosophy. The essay needs to have a singular idea that's reflected throughout the essay. It should be revised to ensure that it is coherent with regard to the outline for philosophy essay. When you would like a well-written essay that resembles the example philosophy essay on the website, you want to understand how to do it. Ensure your essay has the necessary philosophy essay outlining as directed To earn a superior philosophy essay, the following ought to be considered. If you're studying existentialism and have an exam coming up, the best method to get ready for it is to compose plenty of practice essays. It's very annoying for graduates to think of new speech topics every other moment. These essays need a sufficient amount of research and a better comprehension of things which are happening around us. There are various kinds of philosophical questions. In order to make a great philosophy paper, it's first vital to consider very carefully and clearly about your topic. You're able to get answers to any philosophy questions you've got. As a consequence of which you'll have the ability to hold the interest of the people for a lengthy time on a distinctive topic. You can find with a topic which examines the function of ethics in our society since it's today. The politicians that are taking education relation decision ought to have a neutral knowledge in the area. There are a few politicians who serve the aim of a role model but their voice becomes suppressed because of their low fraction. The Debate Over Philosophy Essay Topics Ethics In actual fact, it's almost sure that the fortress approach won't lead to a very great paper. Including weaker ones only provi des the impression which you're not able to tell the difference between them both. The structure permits the writer to fix the order where the terms ought to be discussed. Understand that everyone has their own freedoms of expression and they're right to believe the way that they do. The Advantages of Philosophy Essay Topics Ethics Preparing an initial draft will be a lot simpler if you have planned everything and read all essential materials. Your thesis should convey your principal idea and your whole paper should support it using a very clear focus. This is, obviously, dependent on the first instructions. Defend your thesis by means of an overview of the key points. A research paper needs to have a strong thesis that could help it become clear to the reader what's the focus point of the paper. As with any other writing assignment, a philosophy paper can be challenging in case you don't understand how to go with this. Before you commence writing your research paper, make sure that you've got a clear idea about what you're going to be discussing. If you wish to earn a superb philosophical paper, then here is a superb structure you could use.

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How Did 9/11/01 Affect the Way We Live in America Today

How did 9/11/01 affect the way we live in America today? There have been many turning points in American History; however none have the same effect as September 11, 2001, and many Americans relate the day to the country’s loss of innocence. As a result of 9/11 many American’s lives were affected emotionally, physically, economically, and politically. A month after the terrorist attack in the US, a war was launched by the United States. This war was known as the â€Å"fight back† war. It was the beginning of George Bush administration’s war on terrorism. The main theme of this war was to stop terrorism and catch Osama Bin Laden. He was the main person who planned this evil attack on September 11, 2001. Bin Laden’s trained groups that were†¦show more content†¦Many People are still affected emotionally by September 11 2001 today. A huge number of people are still facing mental health issues. They are trying very hard to forget about the past and move on with there every day life. Many still fear t hat there might be another terror attack in the United States. The American psychological association found that people living in New York who have experienced the World Trade Center attack are showing more mental health problems more than any other place. Many people feel that we should honor our love one and the police and fireman that lost their lives because of 9/11. The National September 11 memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center has been established to honor the dead and respect the historic site of America’s tragic loss. The memorial was opened on September 11 2011. It consist of two huge pools with the nation’s largest human=made waterfalls located on the site between the two fallen towers. The name of those who died at the WTC, pentagon, and in Pennsylvania aboard flight 93 . The Museum presents a gallery that tells the story of 9/11. It contains artifacts, photographs and multimedia display. Even though we are stilling living with the fear of Terrori sm. We need to live our lives the way we use to. But be more aware of what’s going on around us. We shouldn’t show the terror that we still living in fear. We need to stand together as a country and fight the war againstShow MoreRelatedA Look Back at 9/111307 Words   |  6 Pages9/11 One of the most known and worst events occurred on September 11, 2001. Terror attacks occurred in the United States of America in the cities of Washington D.C. and New York City. An Al-Qaeda terrorist group organized this attack by sending terrorists on four different airplanes to crash into the World Trade Center in New York City, and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center, while another one was targeted for the Pentagon. Although one plane hit theRead More News Coverage of September 11th, 2001 Essay1649 Words   |  7 Pageschanged the way people looked at the world and brought to light the realities that even the wealthiest and most military advanced country was not safe from acts of terrorism. The dangers posed by religious extremist were being carried out on national and international news outlets live in front of millions if not billions of people worldwide. The events that occurred on this day changed the way journalism was pract iced both by U.S. and foreign media outlets. This essay examines how domestic andRead MoreThe September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks on America: The Division of Nations and Views1672 Words   |  7 PagesThe September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America divided two nations, yet knit one closer like the attacks on Pearl Harbor. There were many events that lead up to 9/11 that were only the beginning. The attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001 was the finale. George Bush wrote in his diary, â€Å"The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century happened today†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (George Bush). This attack was a surprise, just like Pearl Harbor, but the U.S. reacted swiftly and effectively. The appalling events Now, more than aRead More Terrorism Essay1237 Words   |  5 PagesThe actions are intended to intimidate or coerce. (3) The actions are committed in support of political or social objectives. The main topic here is Terrorism and Foreign Policy. The two terms that are going to be discussed is how the war against terrorism is expanding and how American President George W. Bush misnamed his National Security Strategy. In his State of the Union address, President Bush threatened to expand the war on terrorism to countries that are developing weapons of mass destructionRead MoreTheology of Poverty3073 Words   |  13 PagesTheology of Poverty: Analysis of the Historical Christian Response to Poverty in America, in the Context of our Biblical Calling By Jonathan Yang Professor: Dr. Victor Ezigbo Course: Christian Theology (THE 201) November 21, 2011 Bethel University Table of Content I. Intro A. Statement of problem pg. 1 B. Thesis Statement C. Statement of Relevance II. Two major Opposing View A. Prosperity Gospel 1. Explanation 2. Argument I 3. Weaknesses/critiques Read MoreUs Immigration Policy3707 Words   |  15 Pageshistory of our countries immigration policies you must first understand the role the constitution, federal government, and individual states play in this very complex issue. The terms â€Å"immigration† and â€Å"constitutionality† have been linked in such a way that you might think the constitution lays the foundation. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The term immigration isn’t even referred to in the constitution. The constitution’s power in regards to immigration are derived from ArticleRead MoreTqm in Starwood9288 Words   |  38 Pagesper year and EPS at least 15% per year. To our customers, we want Starwood to be the easiest company with which to do business. And to our employees, our commitment is to make Starwood a great place to work.† â€Å"At Starwood, we don’t just ‘do’ Six Sigma, we ‘use’ Six Sigma,† wrote one Starwood employee in iSixSigma’s Best Places survey. â€Å"That means that we use it every day in our daily work to solve problems, regardless of their size. We follow the DMAIC and Lean Six Sigma principles and useRead MoreRacism Is America Truly A Place Of Equality?2459 Words   |  10 Pages Is America truly a place of equality? Are all races treated equally? I believe that the answer to these questions is â€Å"NO†, because racism is still a prominent issue of today’s society. Yes, we progressed greatly from the past but we still have a long way to go. In order for us to continue working towards equality for all and the end of racism, we must be aware that racism is still alive and continues to affect the world that we live in. Prior to examining the origins of racism in America, oneRead MoreDevelopment of Multinational Personnel Selection9733 Words   |  39 PagesS w 9B07C041 Licensed to the University of Regina for use by Professor Sandra Steen in the course â€Å"MBA/GBUS 843 Strategic HR Management, from 01/07/13 to 04/30/13. DEVELOPMENT OF A MULTINATIONAL PERSONNEL SELECTION SYSTEM Professors Diana E. Krause and Reiner Piske wrote this case solely to provide material for class discussion. The authors do not intend to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a managerial situation. The authors may have disguised certain names and otherRead MoreInnovators Dna84615 Words   |  339 Pagesout this year, and one that will remain pivotal reading for years to come.† Chairman and CEO,; author, Behind the Cloud â€Å" e Innovator’s DNA is the ‘how to’ manual to innovation, and to the fresh thinking that is the root of innovation. It has dozens of simple tricks that any person and any team can use today to discover the new ideas that solve the important problems. Buy it now and read it tonight. Tomorrow you will learn more, create more, inspire more.† Chairman of the