Thursday, August 1, 2019

Arizona Senate Bill 1070

Arizona Senate Bill 1070 Our country, today, currently faces many social issues. For instance, drug abuse, child labor, gangs, homelessness, and immigration. The immigration issues is very controversial and continues to rise. Many laws and regulations are being passed to help control this issue. Recently Arizona has passed the Senate Bill 1070 which is causing major problems because it affects human rights. This law should not have been passed because it is increasing racial profiling, rebellion leading to crime, and businesses loosing money. As a person, coming from a Hispanic culture this bill affects me personally. I have family who is in this county with visitation visas or working visas. I even have an uncle with no papers. The bill itself is causing problems in their own state. Arizona is not fixing anything but only making it worst. Yes, the government is trying to get rid of people who technically do not have documentation to be here. The bill pretty much means that a police officer can stop anyone of â€Å"reasonable suspicion† of being illegal. The Arizona Senate Bill 1070 states that if the authority has reasonable suspicion they may stop a person to ask for documentation (arz,gov). It also mentions all people of Hispanic decent will have to carry their legal papers just in case they are stopped. If anyone are caught transporting illegal aliens around they will be in trouble with the law. For example, transporting immigrants could be anything from giving they a ride to the store or to church. People who are housing immigrants will also face consequences. S. B. 1070 is not making the issue any better in Arizona communities, but only making it worst. Many other people argue that most of the crime committed in the United States is caused by immigrants. They feel as if they will not have to be responsible for their actions. People argue that immigrants are causing our economy to fail, and they are the reason why many Americans are unemployed. They may also argue that immigrants have caused our country to become over crowded. First of all, giving permission to stop people on a daily basis because a person is suspicious of someone who does not belong in America is just asking for more racial problems. America is known as a â€Å"melting pot† culture, which is a heterogeneous developed society (world dig). How could someone know if a certain person does not belong in America if we are all from different cultures? In 1939 and 1954 America showed its racisms by removing three million undocumented Mexicans. It was called the â€Å"operation wetback†(academic). It is okay to try and get rid of an issue we are having but no one should be called a term that discriminates their race. Its crazy how history repeats itself and now we have a state trying to start a movement by basically encouraging legal racial profiling. I understand punishing people who do not have legal documentation or green card, but why punish the people who travel with them to even go to the store, church, etc.? The bible mentions, â€Å"love your neighbor† but Arizona makes it hard to love your neighbor because a person is not going to love his Hispanic neighbor. They will not want to risk getting in trouble with the law. Many other little problems continue to rise due to the SB 1070. Also, people are going to rebel against this bill because they do not agree with it. More than half of the crime is not reported, but by placing this law, unreported crimes will surely increase. If an illegal alien gets attacked or even something worst happen they will not report it because they fear they may get deported. That itself will give criminals the feeling to aim any attacks against Hispanics because they have a less chance of getting caught. Finally, the idea of trying to get rid of all the Hispanics rapidly is not a great idea for the economy. Factories are mainly worked by Hispanics or lower poverty. Maybe it is true that Hispanics are take a lot of the jobs and leaving Americans unemployed. But, it is a fact that immigrants are working the jobs many Americans do not want to apply for. Immigrants work for less money and are not picky about having benefits. Deporting immigrants all at once will lead factories to close because its not giving them time to rehire anyone to replace the majority of Hispanics controlling the factories. It will be a domino affect of businesses loosing money.

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