Saturday, August 24, 2019

Is this Ethical Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Is this Ethical - Coursework Example According to the code, employees working in an International Widget must always deliver their services to the benefit of the international widget. It is unacceptable for them to provide services to another company or similar service provider that is competing with the one they are working for. This is exactly what John has done and having read the code before he was employed, he remains answerable to the employer for breaking the terms of employment. On top of this, an employee of an International Widget must not engage into any type of a business pact or relationship that will not benefit the one they are working for. Since the aim of the job and its contractual agreement is based on the satisfaction of the customers who guarantees the job and hence the payment, any act that contravenes that can lead to losing the job or any other penalty that the employer sees best to be applied. Gloria being the director of the enterprise can decide to explore the code of conduct that an employee should show in a job scenario to take legal actions against John. When one becomes the employee of a given firm or company he or she must always show impartiality and integrity while performing his or her duties. Interacting with competitors while still being an employee of the International Widget leads to a legal fold up that can lead to paying of damages for the lost clients and the payment you have been getting while not performing your mandated roles as per the law and your contractual agreement. Any employee must perform his or her roles according or adhering to the set federal or local laws and due to this it is clear that John has broken them (Archibald, 2014). Any employee is allowed to offer or present a letter of resignation whenever he feels that he do not want to continue working at the current job. However, working with competitors while still in the job cannot be

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