Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Level 3 Diploma Perioperative Support Essay Example for Free

Level 3 Diploma Perioperative Support Essay Explain how and why person centred values must influence all aspects of health and social care work Some of the person centred values that influence aspects of health and social care are; Good communication How By using good communication you can give a person centred approach to care. Giving a patient/individual as information as possible is a way of good communication, inform them what you are doing before you do it and while you are doing it, explain why you will be doing what you are doing or about to do and let them know what to expect i. . if you are about to canulate them let them know that they may feel a sharp scratch Why Giving a patient/individual constant information helps make the patient feel at ease as they feel more involved in what is going on and have a clear understanding of what is going on , this also gives the individual the knowledge of what will be happening and why. Communication is a key element in giving person centred care Choice How By asking a patient/individual if they would like to keep there hearing aid in while I take the patient down to theatre I am giving them a choice whether they would like to remove there hearing aid or choose to keep it on. Why By giving patients/individuals choices you are giving them a bit of control in an environment where patients can feel they have no control over what is happening and by giving them small options it can make them feel a bit more in control and give them some dignity and respect. Making time How In main theatres it can be hard to make time for patients as time is usually of the essence and the need for keeping the theatre list moving quickly and efficiently is paramount, but by simply talking to your patient while you are transporting them down to theatre can make all the difference, it helps calm the patient down, taking there mind off the operation they are about to have. By talking to them while you are transporting them you are still keeping to the time limits set out before you. Why Making time for a patient/individual is probably the most important thing you can do in a system where the patient may feel like there being dragged from pillar to post in a busy department where no one has time for them and feel that it’s a case of â€Å"get them in get them out† attitude. Taking just two minutes out of your schedule can make a massive difference to a patient as it helps reassure them that they are not forgotten which makes the patient feel important and not a burden on the system.

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