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Housing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Housing - Essay Example An increasing number of broken and desolate homes because of desertion by a husband and wife are directly traceable in many cases to intolerable housing conditions. The plane of sexual morality is likely to be lower in areas of poor housing. Self respect is broken down slowly due to lack of privacy and indiscriminate intermingling of the sexes increases the tendency to delinquency. A low standard of housing is one of the important factors in the problems arising of child neglect. Most of the wards of social agencies come from areas of poor housing. Moreover, areas of poor housing do not meet their full share of the tax burden. The rate is already low because of the exemptions to dwellings assessed at less $2000 and collections are not as good as in the areas of better. Poor housing and slum conditions are not local problems. They have become national problems and solutions are needed. Factors that lead to poor housing include institutional racism. This is due to ethnic minorities not being able to access owner occupation. Single people may usually have less potential to raise a mortgage or secure a market rent without being dependant on benefits. Likewise, low income households tend to be marginalized into the lower end of the private sector. The homeless frequently require social, educational and welfare support. They are further disadvantaged when placed in temporary accommodation where poor housing standards and community facilities compound their situation. There is a physical shortage of suitable dwellings since the 1980’s and 1990’s which have favored the private sector as a housing provider according to Bruce (1997). The issue arising from too much demand and too little supply of houses has resulted in increased low quality housing. With benefits being paid to landlords regardless of conditions, there is little fiscal incentive for landlords to invest in their properties. Solution to poor housing Deregulation of rents and tenancies has trap ped many tenants within the sector long-term hence making tenants increasingly marginalized from mainstream society. Such issues reinforce the argument that housing regeneration and promoting healthier housing is not just about living accommodation or unemployment. It is also about the complex interrelationship of social exclusion, abandonment of inner-city areas and current lifestyle that make up the bottom end of the private rented sector. The combination effect of these social issues cannot be stressed strongly enough. Housing and health are both key issues. Access to poor housing generally results from disadvantage which frequently results in access to poor housing and therefore poor health. Economic conditions have partly hidden this fact because there has been much doubling up and overcrowding. If people could manage to secure a reasonably full employment, it is projected that more than 25000 residents could secure better dwelling places according to Coakley (2005). In order t o solve this vice, there have been housing programs established to transform living conditions, improving educational facilities to furnish the human kind to live in better conditions. There were also family therapy sessions to create a better understanding among families according to Linesch (2005). However, these have never proceeded on a coordinated basis of development. Housing measures have greatly fluctuated at the whims of legislative bodies. There are efforts by some government bodies that are dedicated to

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