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Industrial/Organizational Psychology

JC’s Casino Improving Organization Retention Angela Harris PSY/435 March 12, 2013 Dr. M. Horton JC’s Casino Improving Organization Retention Running an effective company needs a management staff that has good communication skills and the ability to anticipate and satisfy the needs of the company as well as the employees. Companies spend time and money collecting information to assist organizations in their quest to do so. But, to have an effective enterprise, the employees incorporating higher administration should have organization as well.Companies hire impartial advisors to help them implement programs that will improve production, motivation, effective job hiring, and retention skills. Suggesting suitable modifications assists with job satisfaction and enhances worker output. For organizations like JC’s Casino a rigid strategy created through observation, staff and customer comments will assist the company to focus on undesirable behaviors from lower and uppe r management. Providing JC’s Casino with the information needed to keep excellent, effective dealers, and housekeepers while satisfying the needs of the clients.Improving Employment Recruitment and Retention JC’s casino is experiencing staff and guest complaints. Dealers and housekeepers during exit interviews have indicated a number of complaints regarding pit boss Joe’s behavior and management skills are having an adverse effect on the dealers and the guests. Because of Joe’s relationship to the owner, Tom the human resource director is afraid to voice the accusations thus, allowing the treating to continue. Housekeeping is also having issues because of absenteeism and retention. Because Andrew the director of housekeeping, is not able to solve this problem the casino has ad to change check out time and use employees from different departments to do extra work to cover any vacate positions. The goal to improve employment hiring and retention is achievab le. The method used in this case by an industrial organizational psychiatrist will assist to improve the organization's employee hiring and retention. The issues in higher management will reduce as soon as the matter with Joe is addressed. The usage of two motivation hypotheses will provide a starting point in fixing employee hiring and retention. The use of reinforcement and self-efficacy hypotheses is good tool for fixing the issues found at JC’s casino.Hiring of new employees appears to be an issue at the casino along with the ability to retain existing employees. Utilizing the reinforcement hypothesis will assist the organization in retaining existing workers by way of an incentive system and at the same time attract new employees. Even though JC’s casino’s pay scale is similar to various other casinos, housekeeping director Keehn has problems with getting good reliable help since without new housekeepers the existing housekeepers are working longer hours to cater to the casino’s requirements.The tension of additional work is very difficult for the workers and their determination to work for the organization has decreased. â€Å"Using the self-efficacy hypothesis decides how people’s feelings regarding their own abilities may affect behavior; the inspiration to try the task refers to a person’s capabilities to accomplish the task† (Spector, 2008). Existing workers are unsatisfied, the job description for housekeepers has modified considerably, giving housekeepers additional work.While the dealers’ keenness has been impacted by the pit boss that is described in the exit interviews as harmful, overbearing, bad, and inexperienced. The usage of self-efficacy and reinforcement ideas will improve worker recruitment and increase retention. But, additional inspirational theories in tandem would make the change better for the whole company. Alleviating on-the-job Stressors Tension on-the-job is normal in the o ffice, directing concentration toward the stressor assistance in looking for options for worker and client satisfaction.Occupational stressors influence worker satisfaction. â€Å"Health issues take place from stress caused scenarios, bronchial asthma, migraines and cancer† (Hansell & Damour, 2007), enhancing employee absenteeism. Before recruitment applicants ask questions regarding the place of work environment and rewards. JC’s casino’s popularity through exit interviews is less than positive. But, improving the negative thoughts and healing stressors is essential. Stressors recognized at the casino are the result of Joe’s mentality and attitude.Dealing with Joe’s behavior is necessary since he is the main reason for the majority of resignations and discontentment among the employees. Joe’s lack of awareness of the situation and his behavior is forcing good employees to leave the organization. The tension employee’s face might be d ecreased substantially when Joe is approached and reprimanded for his actions. Additionally, stress taking place in housekeeping derives from working understaffed. To overcome being understaffed, and causing stress in other departments generating discontentment among the whole organization.JC’s casino can instantly improve negative opinions since the issues which require handling have been found. Getting individuals that fit the needs of the casino is an immediate need. Utilizing the Large 5 Personality dimension is a good tool to use. Understanding people assists in the hiring procedure and retention. Unfortunately, a few jobs don't satisfy individuals; a great way to use the Large 5 Personality dimension assists to group individuals who will work well collectively and with the general public. Additionally the Large 5 Personality dimension assists to forecast job efficiency (Spector, 2008).Improving Job Satisfaction Improving job satisfaction will increase worker retention a nd enhance job efficiency. JC’s casino’s employees demonstrate discontentment due to management and additional jobs carried out not listed in the employee’s job description. Job satisfaction is essential to keep an organization completely staffed and working successfully. Job reward methods will enhance job performance. Using the job reward system can enhance efficiency at the casino. Understanding what perks work best for the organization depends upon the workers and the placements held.Additionally bonus plans will work if the capabilities to enhance efficiency, workers wish the perks, and removing of physical or psychological restrictions. JC’s casino fulfills the requirements except for psychological restrictions. Joe that has been pointed out in a lot of exit interviews has created a mental stress on the workers due to his manners. Even though this is a problem Joe’s behavior is controllable with the good communication. JC’s casino fulf ills the specifications in compensation if compared to the rivals however worker satisfaction is related and overrides salaries.A good worker that is comfortable and satisfied with the job atmosphere assists to increase retention and enhance worker recruitment. Eliminating Counterproductive Behaviors Absenteeism on-the-job is continuing for JC’s casino. Hiring workers with these types of habits impacts the organization, similarly for existing workers. Attitudes and behaviors on job in some instances are infectious. â€Å"Psychologically mature individuals are characterized by practical attitude† (Feist & Feist, 2009). Jobs usually have excellent workers, however when the atmosphere is made up of call-outs and insufficient staffing reliable workers start to notice.JC’s casino uses staff from every division to fill in placements which needs to be covered by workers employed particularly for that placement. Until a proper staff level is met in housekeeping other de partments though temporary should assist. This will help reduce late check-out times and the need to employ someone to watch guest’s luggage. Unproductive employees should be given evaluations to be made aware of the impact their behavior is having on the rest of the organization and a chance to improve or be dismissed. The solution for the casino is to provide employee relations satisfaction.Though Joe is the step-son of the proprietor, it is attainable that if Joe is given managerial coaching needed to communicate with his employees in situations. And Tom management training related to coping with job related stressors and employee retentions the counter productivity will reduce. A good organization is only as good as the individuals who operate and run the company. Bad administration will cause an adverse effect on other employees, restricting job hiring and employee retention. Conclusion JC’s Casino has experienced retention problems regarding dealers and housekeep ers.The dealers have had to endure poor leadership and mistreatment by Joe the pit boss at the casino. The housekeeping division is working short staffed and has to depend on other departments to fill job responsibilities. The source of the issue at JC’s casino is bad management and employee interaction. A busy organization that is having problems with productivity and employee motivation will a high turn-over rate. Adjusting useful elements which cause counter productivity will motivate the workforce at JC’s casino to work like a team and to find the job as more than the usual paycheck.JC’s casino is salvageable; the organization is competitive with wages therefore money is not the problem. Focusing on the cause of the issue starts with management. Successfully running a busy organization is tough, however using the correct method through industrial and organizational psychology will create a foundation for the organization to grow while recruiting new employee s and retain the current employees. References Spector, P. E. (2008). Industrial and organizational psychology (5th ed. ) Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Feist J Feist GJ 2009 Theories of Personality (7th ed). NJ: McGraw Hill

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