Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Tankless water heaters Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Tankless water heaters - Essay Example Adomatis (2010) predicts that new homes buyers â€Å"may be willing to pay for the cost of the energy efficient items in green construction† as a means of reducing energy expenses. Not only can energy efficiency building requirements save money, but energy efficiency can also save homeowners money by heating their homes in the winter and cooling their homes in summer with less power and resources. Energy Star is program jointly operated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy. The program is designed to help Americans reduce the cost of energy and at the same time protect the environment via the use of â€Å"energy efficient products and practices† (Energy Star, n.d.). Though ENERGY STAR ® program serves as a trusted source of voluntary standards and unbiased information, federal and state policies provide additional sources for consumers and organizations to adopt other energy-efficient products and practices that further reduce gr eenhouse gases (GHGs). The purpose of this memo is to propose a code enforced method for improving appliance efficiency via the mandatory installment of Tankless Water Systems only in the construction of new dwelling houses. ... i. The installation of traditional hot water heaters (reserve tank) systems in the construction of all new homes will be prohibited. b. Natural gas (or propane, with be the primary means of energy used for the tankless water systems. i. In the event natural gas installation is not practicable, electric tankless units with an EF rating of >92 may be used as an alternative. c. Tankless systems can include multiple installations that would then be placed directly near a hot water demand source. However, this must not be installed in any combination with conventional storage tank water heater systems. An example would be a booster heater for augmenting a traditional hot water heater system. d. Solar or other heat exchange technologies that utilize on-demand heating for hot water are also included with this code proposal. Reasons for the Change in Texas Building Code The minimum allowable efficiency for residential water heaters is regulated by federal standards. New amended federal stand ards to take effect on April 16, 2015 are detailed in the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (42 U.S.C. 6295(o)(3)(B)) (See Table 1). Federal initiatives have been implemented to further promote green initiatives and are detailed in the Executive Order 13423 and 13221. These Executive Orders, issued in 2009, require federal agencies to acquire energy-efficient products in the acquisition of commercially available, off-the-shelf products for goods and services. If the same practices were applied to the residential sector, further gains to maximize green initiative savings would be more beneficial for the public as a whole. Table 1 Amended Energy Conservation Standards for Residential Water Heaters Source: Energy Conservation Program: Energy Conservation

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