Thursday, November 21, 2019

Personal statement for hematology oncology fellowship

For hematology oncology fellowship - Personal Statement Example It was relatively new and constantly changing field. I have often been asked by colleagues why I want to be an oncologist and I tell them that the decision to become an oncologist was influenced by my own personal experiences and interactions with oncologists when my mother was treated for cancer. I was with my mother during the entire treatment and I had close communications with the oncologists treating her. Based on those experiences I was able to have a sense of what I would want done for a clos relative. I understood how I would have preferred to be informed and treated. Furthermore, working as a clinical observer in a private hematology/oncology clinic helped me to have a closer look at the specialty. Having the privilege to be in an academic setting allowed me to have direct input from hematology/oncology consults. Working with a few brilliant physicians in this field during my residency has been truly enlightening and rewarding. It has played a big role in making up my mind i n this direction. I believe oncology is one of the few specialties in internal medicine where physicians actually possess the ability to actually cure patients. Although it is not possible to prolong every patient’s life, the very knowledge that I hopefully helped to maintain an optimal quality of life is a very satisfying thing.

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