Monday, August 12, 2019

Compare the films dead Poets Society and Stand and Deliver from two Essay

Compare the films dead Poets Society and Stand and Deliver from two perspectives a) Educational Theories discussed in the course b) Mass Media Theories Studied in the book Four Theories of the Press - Essay Example â€Å"Literature uses the normal means of communication – language images, symbols, codes, stories – but uses them with more complexity and subtlety than is normal in everyday communication† (Lye, 2003). Films are able to employ more than mere words, however, as they also use sound, music, light and motion to make the story come to life. Responsible film makers have used films as a means of raising the social consciousness regarding a variety of issues, adopting a libertarian stance to the use of media. By studying films such as Dead Poet’s Society (1989) and Stand and Deliver (1988), one can begin to understand and appreciate the libertarian media and its benefits as it is applied to the question of educational reform. At its most basic level, the concept of the libertarian media as it is demonstrated through these two films is a concept based on the philosophy that the media should serve as a ‘check’ on the power structures of society. Although much attention in this regard is given to the media of newspapers or printed material, the theories and approaches are recognized in most arenas as being equally applicable to the other forms of mass communication, such as films. According to Siebert (1956), the libertarian philosophy is founded on the assumption that man is an end in himself. â€Å"The happiness and well-being of the individual is the goal of society, and man as a thinking organism is capable of organizing the world around him and of making decisions which will advance his interests† (Siebert 40). From this stance, the role of the government was established to be as the representative of the people with the primary duty of securing a space in which the individual could fully explore his or her own happiness and well-being. However, the individual must be aware of what the government is doing in order to make sure that it

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