Sunday, August 11, 2019

Environmental Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Environmental Science - Essay Example 1. The first step is identifying that there is no water supply. The next step is to see the possible causes – leakage/block in pipeline connected to this faucet; damage/clog in the main pipeline supplying water to the house; check for reports in press and media about possible maintenance work by water supply department or break down in power supply, contamination at the source of water supply, higher incidence of water borne diseases being reported. The hypothesis can be physically verified. 2. Principle of Repeatability: Water samples can be collected from a variety of households and tested for the presence of pathogens, their population levels and toxicity. If similar results emerge from a majority of the water samples collected and analysed for the same parameters then the hypothesis may be accepted. 3. A self-centred, consumerist, ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude person, would not want to, or, even be able to understand environmental issues and concerns. The decision to exploit or use a natural resource, not just trees, must definitely, be based on a detailed risk analysis and must also take into consideration the views of the people who are directly dependent and benefit from the resource. 2. Temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity & suspended sediments, specific conductivity, hardness. Testing water quality for these parameters gives a general indication of the commercial activities prevalent in the area and is a good indicator of the environmental health of the region. 3. The process of converting atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia is called nitrogen fixation. The fixed nitrogen is then used by plants to convert them into amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids etc. Animals use these to build proteins and other molecules 4. The primary producers and top consumers have not changed. The difference now though, is the unbalanced structure of the food chain and food web

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