Thursday, October 31, 2019

A college education is worth the time and money Essay

A college education is worth the time and money - Essay Example Today’s workplace environment is a highly challenging one and that calls for a vast proficiency in specific industrial fields; employers are looking to recruit highly qualified employees with the relevant skills and knowledge, and this can only be acquired through college education. Through college education, one is able to improve their personal and interpersonal knowledge through interaction with people from diversified cultures. Socialization is a fundamental aspect of human interactions, and this skill is highly advanced in individuals who have been fortunate to go through college education. Being able to create personal and professional networks is the benefit of college education that results from increased human contact (McGuire). Apart from that, college education enables one to achieve prestige and self-actualization; it is highly gratifying for one to have college education, especially in changing attitudes towards education in the modern world. Possession of college education epitomizes civilization and enlightenment as opposed to lack of it, which indicates illiteracy and backwardness. Ultimately, college education is the key to career development, socialization and self-actualization. Therefore, given that college education is very important in today’s world, it is true to say that it is worth all the time and money. McGuire, Jeff. â€Å"Importance of College Education: Why it is important to go to college†. (n.d). Web. 22nd Feb 2013.

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