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Iron and Hemochromatosis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Iron and Hemochromatosis - Essay Example A defect in this gene results in a mutation that disturbs this normal function, and iron metabolism is altered so that a large amount of iron is absorbed from the small bowel, about 1mg excess daily (Sardesai, 2012). The mutation most commonly causing hereditary hemochromatosis is when tyrosine is substituted for cysteine in the C282Y protein sequence. When a child inherits C282Y from both parents, the child is most likely to have hemochromatosis 0.5% of the United States Caucasian population has hemochromatosis (Victoria, 2011). If untreated, about 90% of the excess iron remains in hepatocytes, which are the main cells that function in the liver. Most remaining iron is stored in the functioning cells of the pancreas, anterior pituitary gland, joints, and heart. The endocrine disorder can cause diabetes, pigmentation, and cirrhosis in severe cases. A person can die from cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma, cardiomyopathy, or diabetes (Powell & Fischer, 2005). Normal life expectancy can result if the disease is diagnosed early and if the person is given phlebotomy therapy. Therapeutic phlebotomy removes 200-250 mg of elemental iron for every 450-500 ml of blood. This is done weekly so that enough body iron stores are depleted (Adams & Barton, 2010). Before each treatment, the concentration of hemoglobin should be recorded. How much therapeutic phlebotomy is needed depends on the concentration of serum ferritin and hepatic iron. These are used as estimates of treatment needs. Excess iron is completely depleted when serum ferritin concentration is 10-20 ng/ml. This takes about one year (Gropper & Smith, 2013). 5-B) Would you expect the prevalence of the symptomatic hemochromatosis to increase or decrease with the introduction of an iron fortification program or an increase in the intake of bioavailable iron. Is there research to support your answer? The body does not have a way to eliminate excess iron naturally, and serum ferritin must be kept at less

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